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V4S Mobile User Guide

April 2020

What is V4S Mobile?


     Why V4S Mobile

Testing V4S Mobile in a test org

     Testing V4S Personal

     Testing V4S Kiosk

Setting up V4S Mobile in your org

     Install into Salesforce

     Objects in Salesforce

     Installation Notes

V4S Personal on your phone

     Register yourself on the device

     Your profile

     Job List

     Job Detail


V4S Kiosk

V4S Roster

V4S Mobile Notes

     For Salesforce Admins

     For Volunteers

What is V4S Mobile?

V4S Mobile is an app (Salesforce + Mobile) that helps Nonprofits that use Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) engage with their volunteers better and be more effective in general. It includes an app installed into Salesforce and an Android/iOS app that volunteers or volunteer-managers install. The mobile app is available in two versions:

1.1        Overview

Nonprofits use Volunteers for Salesforce to manage their organization’s volunteer program. Currently nonprofits can integrate a set of webpages on their website that allows volunteers to register, track jobs and log their hours worked. V4S Mobile provides those and related functions on the handset. As a current or new volunteer, you can register on your handset, update your profile and skills, sign up for specific jobs, checkin/checkout from jobs, get push notifications1 from your nonprofit and see details of your past work. All your interactions on the handset are directly synced to your nonprofit’s Volunteers for Salesforce org.

1.2        Why V4S Mobile

V4S Mobile reduces nonprofit admin work, improves volunteer engagement and increases volunteer registrations.

Testing V4S Mobile in our test org

You can test out V4S Mobile in our Test org. V4S Mobile is already installed in the org here. To login to our Salesforce org, add/modify jobs and shifts and look at the V4S Mobile dashboard, the User-ID is adminuser@geekslab.com and the password is volunteer20.

You can use V4S Personal to test out what individual volunteers would see on their mobiles OR you can use V4S Kiosk which is the mobile app that you would install on shared mobile devices at job/shift locations. The following two sections give you instructions on installing these apps.

2.1         Testing V4S Personal with our Test org

  1. Download the iOS installable from https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/v4s-mobile/id1156335022?ls=1&mt=8
  2. Download the Android installable from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dftly.v4smobilegeneric
  3. Install it on your iPhone / Android phone, start the app.
  4. Where it asks for an App Key, use datageek-99. You can Signup with own email ID and password. This will get you into our Test org, but will remember your email ID for future logins.
  5. You will first be asked to fill out a more complete profile.
  6. You will then be able to see jobs and sign up for some.
  7. If there's a currently-running job that you signed up for, you will see it appear on the checkin page. You can log into the Salesforce ID (described below) and set up a current shift for yourself, if you don't see one available already.

2.2        Testing V4S Kiosk with our Test org

  1. Download the iOS installable from https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/v4s-kiosk/id1192642184?ls=1&mt=8
  2. Download the Android installable from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dftly.v4skiosk
  3. Install it on your iPad / Android tablet, start the app.
  4. Use the following credentials to login to the Kiosk:
  5. You will then be able to see shifts for the current day and see any volunteers signed up for those shifts by clicking on the Details button for the Job/Shift
  6. You can sign yourself up for a Job/Shift, by clicking on the "Don't see your name..." butoon on the Job/shift details page
  7. If you try to register as a new volunteer from the hamburger, you will first be asked to fill out a more complete profile.
  8. Once you've registered yourself, If there's a currently-running shift, you can sign up for it. You will see your name appear in the shift, when the page is refreshed.

Setting up V4S Mobile in your Salesforce org

V4S Mobile consists of two parts - V4S Mobile on Salesforce and either V4S Personal (on volunteer handsets) OR V4S Kiosk (on shared iPads / tablets). At a high level, here are the steps to get V4S Mobile running:

  1. Install V4S Mobile into your Salesforce org from the App Exchange.
  2. You will receive an email with your App Key. Keep that handy; you'll need it in the next step.
  3. Install V4S Personal or V4S Kiosk onto your mobile device. Use the App Key to register your device

3.1        Install V4S Mobile into your Salesforce org

Search for V4S Mobile on the AppExchange. This takes you to V4S Mobile AppExchange listing. To start, click the Get it Now button on the far right of the listing.

3.1.1 Sign In

If prompted, sign in using your Salesforce credentials or log in as a guest. You may already be logged in. If so, proceed to the next step.

3.1.2 Choose Install Location

Tell Salesforce whether you are installing to a Production or Sandbox system. Unless you have a Sandbox system and plan to test on that system, we suggest you choose Production.

3.1.3 Package Details and Access Levels

Once inside your Salesforce org, you can review package details and choose the application access levels. Please note, it’s up to you to decide which profiles will be given access to V4S Mobile. You can start with just admins, give all users access, or choose access for specific profiles. V4S Mobile is handled through licenses; nothing is visible until a license is assigned and can be changed later. Click Install when finished.

3.1.4 Approve Third Party Access

The V4S Mobile install process now asks you for permission to allow the dftly.com website to send / receive data from your app. We ONLY store the API Key, API Name and Org Name for your org. We may send some notifications to your users’ handset applications when they use V4S Mobile. No other information is stored in dftly . To install V4S Mobile, you will need to approve Third Party Access.

Click on the check box and click on Continue.

The V4S Mobile app will now be installed in your org, for the access level that you’ve chosen in the previous step.

3.1.5 Install Complete

The V4S Mobile app installs quickly. Once the install is complete, you will see the following screen.

Within minutes of completing your install, you will receive an email in your Admin user’s mailbox confirming the installation of V4S Mobile in your org.

3.1.6 Authorize V4S Mobile to access your org

When your users need to sync their V4S Mobile data to your Salesforce org, they need a secure mechanism to access your org, via V4S Mobile. To support that, you need to let Salesforce know that V4S Mobile can be allowed to access your org.  You only need to do this once, when you install V4S Mobile. Salesforce (and V4S Mobile) remember your authorization for a year (you can always revoke the authorization from within Salesforce).

3.1.7 Figure out your App Key

You need an eleven-character string called an App Key to use the V4S Mobile app. The App Key uniquely identifies your org to the V4S Mobile app. In all probability, you will have received an email by now, with the App Key shown in it. If so, you don't need the instructions in the bullets below - move on.

3.1.8 Set up your V4S Mobile tabs

You now need to setup the V4S Mobile tabs for your org. From the All tabs page, click on the Customize My Tabs button on the right hand side. Add the V4S Mobile tabs - Timesheet Details and V4S Mobile Users - from the Available Tabs to the Selected Tabs on the right hand side.


Important  Notes

3.1.9 Set up V4S Mobile Users

If you plan to use V4S Kiosk, you MUST set up at least one V4S Mobile User in your org. We suggest that you set up one of the Volunteer Coordinators as a User, because they can login to V4S Kiosk and checkin volunteers.

3.2        Objects in Salesforce

When you install the V4S Mobile app on your Salesforce org, it creates two new tabs - dftly V4S Apps and V4S Mobile Users - in your main menu. The dftly V4S Apps tab will show you the App Key for V4S Mobile. The V4S Mobile Users tab shows you all the users (volunteers), who have registered to use the V4S Mobile app.

The install creates some Custom objects in your org:

  1. dftly V4S App
  2. V4S Mobile User
  3. Timesheet Detail
  4. Notification (in V4S Mobile V1.3)
  5. Notification to User (in V4S Mobile V1.3)

The V4S Mobile installation also does the following:

3.3        Installation Notes

V4S Personal on your phone


You can get the V4S Personal app for your phone (Android and iPhone) from https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/v4s-mobile/id1156335022?ls=1&mt=8 OR from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dftly.v4smobilegeneric or from a URL that your nonprofit will give you.

The image on the left shows the first screen that you will see when you click on the V4S Personal app icon on your handset.

4.1        Register yourself on the device

To register yourself on the handset, you need an App Key, your Email ID and a password. The information provided here lets you register yourself with the specific nonprofit that you work with.

App Key: you should get this in an email from your nonprofit

Email ID: the email ID that your nonprofit knows you by

Password: a new password that you will remember for login.

Once you have registered yourself on the device, you will only need your password to login to the V4S Personal app on your handset.

4.2        Your profile

The first time that you login to V4S Personal, if you’re a new volunteer, you will need to set up your profile. You’ll need to enter some basic information about yourself, the skills that you have and the hours that you’re able to volunteer. Put in your contact information and the details of your skills and availability for volunteering based on the labels in the app.

If you are already in the Org as a Contact, you will be taken directly to the Job List. You can change the details of your profile at any time by going to the My Profile menu item. Changes are automatically reflected in your nonprofit’s data.

4.3        Job List


You will see a list of the jobs that are available, that you have previously signed up for or that have been assigned to you by your nonprofit on the Jobs List page.

The jobs show up with the most recent job showing first. Clicking on any job takes you to the details for that job along with the shifts associated with that job.

The List has a Filter control on the top right. You can click that to bring up various ways to filter the data in the list - just your accepted jobs/shifts, just shifts today and so on. Click on any of the buttons on the pop-up and you'll see the list filtered as selected. You can also Search for Jobs/Shifts by entering a string in the Search box. For example, you could look for shifts in a specific location.


4.4        Job Detail

The Job Detail screen gives you more details about the job, including a link to a map that shows the job/shift location and any shifts that exist for the job. You can choose a specific shift for which you want to volunteer.

On each Shift, you will see one of three buttons - a blue Accept on shifts that you’ve been assigned but haven’t confirmed for, a green “I’m in!” for shifts that you could sign up for on your own (i.e. you  haven’t been assigned to the shift, but want to go anyway) or a red Cancel on shifts that you’ve signed up for earlier.

When you click on the button for a specific job/shift, you will see a small screen pop up, where you can key in the number of volunteers that you can take with you to that specific job/shift (the number includes yourself!). Please remember that if you Cancel from a Job / Shift, any additional volunteers that you had added to the job/shift will also be removed from that job/shift.


  1. Currently, the only way to change the number of additional users for a specific job/shift is to Cancel yourself from the job/shift and sign up for it again. At that time, you can add in the correct number of additional volunteers.

4.5        The Menu

V4S Personal has a menu that you can get to by clicking on the three lines at the top-left corner (also called the “hamburger”). You can get to all app functions from right there.

4. 6         Logging time to a job/shift