Kiosk Time Clocking

Easy alternative to punch clocks

Track time for team for different activities

Time Tracker Kiosk is great for businesses where multiple employees clock in at the same location. It's an easy, cost-effective alternative that replaces traditional, bulky punch clock systems. All you need is an iPad / Android device that is connected to the internet. Nothing complicated. Employees just click on the Clockin / Clockout button next to their names. It's really that easy!

Time Tracker Kiosk is the ideal solution for multiple employees who work in a central location - like an office, a warehouse, a big construction site, a manufacturing plant or a store. Use the Time Tracker Kiosk to clock people as they walk into their workspot at the beginning of the day and clock out as they finish their work for the day.

And if you have some people that work on site at central locations and others that work on jobsites, we have you completely covered. Between Time Tracker, Time Tracker Team and Time Tracker Kiosk, you can track time anywehere, anytime wherever your employees are. On the web, on mobile devices or within Salesforce. It's your choice.