Smart Apps for Salesforce

Simply Effective Email Campaigns

Zip, Zap, Go!

Engaging with your audience is now easy with PK4Connect. Quickly link your Contact, Lead/other object views to your PK4Connect Campaigns. Use our easy drag-and-drop editor and our great collection of pre-designed templates to create beautiful emails. Send your campaigns out from within Salesforce. Track all your campaign statistics such as Delivers, Opens, Bounces and Clickthroughs within Salesforce.

No more futzing around with imports and exports. No more Excel, CSV files. No more HTML files. Fast, easy email campaigns. All within Salesforce.

Simply effective email campaigns

Fast, accurate time tracking

Office, home or on the field

Easy, accurate time tracking

Easy, accurate time tracker for Salesforce and non-Salesforce users. Track time for everyone wherever they may be. Lower labor costs, invoice faster, track projects better and streamline payroll. Track time on mobile phones, tablets on the web or within Salesforce. All time data safe and secure in Salesforce. Timesheets configured for your business. Calendar notifications, text messages, auto breaks from wothin Salesforce. Automatic time tracking possible in Salesforce.

Watch work unfold in near real-time, wherever yout employees may be. Schedule jobs to employees or teams.

Next generation volunteer management for Nonprofits

Volunteers, Waivers, Events and Classes

Nonprofits, engage with all your stakeholders on mobiles. That includes volunteers, event attendees and students/members. V4S Mobile is available in two variants: V4S Personal for individual volunteers to sign up for jobs and shifts and V4S Kiosk for multiple volunteers to check themselves in on a shared device. Add-ons available for Events, Classes and Volunteer Waivers. All data syncs to Volunteers for Salesforce.

Engage better with your stakeholders and make it fun for them to work with you!

Volunteers and Waivers