The best mass email solution for Salesforce!

Affordable, Effective mass emails.


Easy Email marketing from within Salesforce. Set up and send campaigns easily. Use Salesforce List Views to select your recipient list. No export, no integration. It's all within Salesforce. Design beuatiful emails from our templates. Get complete stats on delivers, opens, bounces and clickthroughts within Salesforce. And best of all, do it at an incredible price!

Engaging with your audience is now easy with PK4Connect. Quickly link your Contact, Lead or any other List Views to PK4Connect Campaigns. Email campaigns in 4 simple steps through a wizard. Create your own incredible emails using our pre-built templates or build your own with our easy drag-and-drop block-based email editor. No HTML knowledge required. No more hassles with import and export between Salesforce and your email solution. It's all within Salesforce now. And you get the full power of Salesforce to analyze campaign results.

PK4Connect Features

Simple Email Wizard

Build, schedule and send emails in just 4 steps.

All in Salesforce

Use Salesforce Views, Objects. All reports in Salesforce.

Easy block editor

Build beautiful emails with NO HTML knowledge.

Great templates

Use our expanding gallery of amazing pre-designed templates.

Full personalization

Use any field(s) from Salesforce for completely personalized mails.

Schedule Campaigns

Schedule your Campaigns to go out at the time that you choose.

Incredibly Affordable

The most affordable mass email app for Salesforce.

Amazing Stats

Opens, Bounces, Unsusbscribes, Clicks. All in Salesforce.


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Create your emails seamlessly

Use our Email Template editor to build beautiful emails

V4S Mobile Dashboard

Drag and drop blocks to build amazing, responsive emails.

No HTML knowledge required!

Send personalized emails from Salesforce

Include fields from Contacts / Leads / any object

personalized Emails

Include multiple fields from Salesforce objects

Sound more human and build a better connection.

Realtime analytics to measure your success

Intuitive reports to track your campaign stats

Great campaign statistics all within Salesforce

Track delivers, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes.